Breaking Barriers Through Sport

Growing up in suburban Chicago in the ’90s, Chris Mosier’s bedroom was plastered in Michael Jordan posters.


“I was always drawn to athletes who did other things off the court and field,” Mosier says. “Jackie Robinson. Roberto Clemente. Billie Jean King. Grant Hill — people who gave back to their communities in a way that was bigger than sport.”


Fast-forward two decades later, and it’s Mosier who’s carving out his own legacy, creating social change through sport, as a groundbreaking All-American duathlete and the first transgender athlete to make a men’s U.S. National Team.


It was Mosier, a transgender man who was assigned female at birth, who challenged existing International Olympic Committee policies in 2015, resulting in more inclusive guidelines and paving the way for future transgender athletes.


Raising visibility, he says, is a key part of the fight for equality: “Change can’t happen without us — we have to be at the table. I was a face to say, ‘This is wrong.’ ”


Now, a new documentary from filmmaker Alex Huebsch, made in partnership with a Nike Pride grant, sheds a long-overdue spotlight on the trailblazing athlete’s story. Watch The Chris Mosier Project below, and hear from Mosier himself on how sport can be a force for change.

“Be the person who you needed when you were younger… We all have this deep desire to be seen, and this deep desire to see ourselves in the places we want to go.”
Chris Mosier