Business Diversity & Inclusion

Our approach to business growth is fueled by the belief that diversity — in all its forms — fosters creativity and accelerates innovation. We know that leveraging different perspectives, experiences and backgrounds generates unique ideas and makes our value chain stronger. To enable this work, we will continue to build a roster of suppliers who can actively support our business requirements, while also sharing our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

What is Nike looking for?
While every business group at NIKE, Inc. has specific needs and requirements, we look for diverse suppliers — from marketing agencies and general contractors to professionals providing technology support — who can provide innovative, competitively priced goods and services, foster community and economic development and enhance our ability to deliver shareholder value.

How do I register my company?
Register your company in our Business Diversity & Inclusion Portal to help increase its visibility for potential opportunities to do business with us. The level of detail you’ll be asked to provide is based on corporate compliance requirements for the goods and/or services you supply to Nike.

What comes next?
A Nike contact (Procurement or Business group) will reach out to you if/when relevant project opportunities arise that match your company’s profile. If you are a new supplier to Nike, the contract onboarding process will begin in advance of project inception.

Defining Diversity

A diverse-owned business is one that must be a majority (at least 51%) owned, operated, managed and controlled by a diverse person or persons. Our goal is to provide economic opportunities to historically disempowered diversity groups in each country that we operate. The definition of diversity is different around the world, and as a result, we adhere to the local legal and cultural framework within the geographies that we serve. Through this effort, we will look to empower and create equal playing fields for all.

Woman | Nike recognizes women-owned businesses globally, in partnership with WeConnect International and WBENC.

Minority | In the U.S.: Someone who is at least 25% Asian, Black, Hispanic or Native American. Globally, Nike recognizes ethnic minorities as defined through NMSDC’s affiliate organizations.

Disability | Nike recognizes disability-owned businesses globally, in partnership with Disability:In.

LGBTQIA+ | Nike recognizes LGBTQIA+-owned businesses in the U.S. and in select other countries, in partnership with NGLCC.

Veteran | Nike recognizes veteran-owned businesses in the U.S. and Canada, in partnership with NVBDC.

* Nike also partners with local diversity accreditation councils and chambers of commerce to help expand the reach of our supplier network.