Case Studies

The research and case studies below explore Nike’s approach to sustainable innovation and equitable manufacturing.

Case studies published by Harvard Business School and the Stanford Graduate School of Business trace Nike’s journey as one of the first companies faced with issues in its global supply chain to one that now actively pursues sustainable innovation as part of the company’s long-term growth.

Research published by Greg Distelhorst, Jens Hainmueller and Richard M. Locke analyzes the impact of Nike’s efforts to promote the adoption of lean manufacturing in its apparel supply chain, including reducing noncompliance with labor standards.

Global Sourcing at Nike (Harvard Business School)

Productivity, Profits, and Pay: A Field Experiment Analyzing the Impacts of Compensation Systems in an Apparel Factory (University of California, Berkeley)

Governance and Sustainability at Nike (A) (Harvard Business School)

Governance and Sustainability at Nike (B) (Harvard Business School)

Nike: Sustainability and Labor Practices 1998-2013 (Stanford Graduate School of Business)

Does Lean Improve Labor Standards Management and Social Performance in the Nike Supply Chain?