Flyleather Earth Day Pack: Inspiring Love for the Planet Every Day

Consumers want more sustainable choices, so we teamed up with California-based artist Steven Harrington for Earth Day, pairing his optimistic and captivating style with one of our most sustainable materials to inspire love for the planet.


This collaboration features three iconic styles—the Air Force 1, Blazer Low and Cortez—in Flyleather Nike’s most sustainable engineered leather made with at least 50% recycled leather fiber.

Flyleather is Nike's most sustainable engineered leather, including synthetics leather.
Bhupesh Dua, Director, Materials Technology
The Greatest Advance in Leather, Since Leather

Flyleather was born out of a challenge to evolve leather—which is our second-highest environmental impact material in carbon emissions and water use—while preserving its look, feel and even smell. Making Flyleather uses reclaimed leather that’s otherwise lost in the manufacturing process, not only diverting waste from landfills but turning it into something new: a super material that’s 40% lighter and 5x more abrasion-resistant than full-grain leather.

By using recycled fibers, Flyleather production involves lower carbon footprint than traditional leather manufacturing. Flyleather is also produced on a roll, which improves cutting efficiency and creates less waste than traditional cut-and-sew methods for full-grain leather.

New technologies and platforms allow us to get closer to working at the molecular level. Flyleather is the latest example.
John Hoke, Nike Chief Design Officer