From Courts to Career

Transforming On-Court Experience into Nike Careers

In early 2019, the WNBA Rookie class was named at Nike’s New York Headquarters. For many of these young players, the Draft marks the beginning of a professional career. However, the average time a woman plays professional basketball is only five years. As a result, many athletes will dedicate additional time and energy to preparing for their life after the league.


That’s why we created Women in Nike (W.I.N.)—an innovative program developed to support athletes as they transition from the court to a more corporate or entrepreneurial environment. Led by the Diversity Talent Innovation team, W.I.N. is a two-year program designed to provide relevant and dynamic work experience for retired or retiring WNBA players.


From excellent teamwork and performance insights to problem-solving and leadership, these women bring formidable skills to various roles across Nike. The inaugural cohort comprised of 11 top athletes kicked off its journey supported by a robust professional development curriculum and dedicated mentors.