Increasing Girls' Participation in Sport

Globally, girls face more challenges to getting — and staying — active than boys and are dropping out of sport at a higher rate. That’s why we’re committed to 50% girls’ participation in our Nike community partnerships and programs. Through our community partners, we are investing in recruiting and training more female coaches and giving girls the space to learn, grow and have fun, while increasing access to play and sport opportunities. By giving girls the tools and training they need for success, we’re helping them build confidence on and off the court, which boosts their chances of staying in the game and seeing big benefits later in life.

Girls Need Better Coaches

Great coaches teach, empower and inspire kids to reach their full potential. And research shows that when young girls, in particular, connect with their coaches, they’re more likely to keep playing. So we’re focused on improving the quality and quantity of coaches for girls, providing strong, caring mentors they can look up to in sport and beyond. We’re creating virtual training experiences and building digital tools, such as the free How to Coach Kids: Coaching Girls training program and Coaching Girls Guide, to help parents, coaches and other caring adults support fun, gender-inclusive, kid-centered play. We’re also teaming up with partners to help grow the number of female coaches — because right now they only make up about one quarter of youth sports head coaches, and we believe if she can see it, she can be it.

Girls Need Better Programming

We invest in research-backed, innovative play- and sport-based programs that expand opportunities and build a strong community for girls. We support both gender-inclusive training and girls-only curriculum that are based on local insights and address the unique, often culturally relevant, challenges girls face when it comes to participating in sports in their communities. We’re also looking to experts and other thought leaders to help us create new programs and tools to support girls, because we know we’re stronger when we work together. Learn more about our girls’ programming here.