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Leading with Girls


In many parts of the world, girls are dropping out of play and sport twice as often as boys. That’s why we’re investing in gender-inclusive training, growing the number of female coaches (i.e., role models) and removing cultural and physical barriers to participation. For example, in 2019, we donated 25,000 sports bras and breathable hijabs to girls through our community partners to help girls play with confidence


Girls Need Better Coaches

We’re focused on improving the quality and quantity of coaches for girls, providing strong, caring mentors they can look up to in sport and beyond. We’re creating in-person training experiences and building easy-access tools on how to coach girls, such as the free How to Coach Kids: Coaching Girls training program. We’re also teaming up with partners to help boost the number of female coaches out there — because if she can see it, she can be it.


Girls Need Better Programming

We invest in research-backed, innovative play and sport programming for girls. We support both gender-inclusive training and girls-only curriculum. We’re also looking to experts and other thought leaders to help us create new programs and tools to support girls, because we know we can’t do it alone.


Girls Need Fewer Barriers to Entry

Too many girls are still staying on the sidelines for various reasons, including lack of confidence or skill, lack of female coaches or role models, being self-conscious and cultural barriers. We remove unique barriers to play and sport for girls through product and program interventions. For example, in 2019, we donated 25,000 sports bras to girls through our community partners.