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Made to Play


Only 1 in 5 kids globally gets the physical activity they need (minimum of 60 minutes/day) — and girls are less active than boys because of some of the additional barriers they face. Through Made to Play, our commitment to get kids moving, we’re making investments and working with partners around the world to provide play- and sport-based programs to 17 million kids.


Kids Need Access

We know that all kids are made to play, but not every kid gets that opportunity. Together with our global partners, we’re helping to remove local barriers to play and sport for the least active kids so that everyone, everywhere has a chance to reach their greatest potential.


Kids Need Coaches

When it comes to getting kids excited about — and committed to — playing sports, a good coach can make all the difference. That’s why we’re working with our partners to help increase the quantity and quality of youth volunteer coaches across the globe.