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Manufacturing Map

In 2005, we were the first company in our industry to publicly disclose our factory base, in the interests of transparency and collaboration.


Nike’s Manufacturing Map is a tool to learn about the independent factories contracted to make Nike and Converse products – including the names and location of each factory, the types of product made, the factories that supply our collegiate product and demographic statistics about the workers at each factory. The interactive map is updated on a quarterly basis to reflect changes in our source base.


This resource provides extensive details about the factories Nike contracts with around the world. For each factory, you are able to learn more about the types of products made, the factories that supply our collegiate product, demographic statistics about workers at each factory and the factory address and contact information.


The Nike Manufacturing Map will begin disclosing information on materials suppliers within our supply chain, including detailed names and location of each factory, beginning in Q1 FY2019 (June onwards). Materials suppliers dye and finish the textiles and materials that go into our products.