Per- and Poly-Fluorinated Compound Phase Out

We’re working toward a complete phase-out of PFC-based finishes by the end of 2021

PFCs (per- & poly-fluorinated compounds) are a large group of manufactured compounds that are widely used to make everyday products more resistant to stains, grease and water. Unfortunately, PFCs also cause harmful greenhouse gas emissions and other toxic byproducts that remain in the environment long after the material is broken down.

Since 2015, the use of any C8-based PFC has been banned in our products. Now we’re eliminating all PFC-based finishes from our product line. We’re doing this without sacrificing our high durability, performance standards or aesthetics.

All PFC alternatives undergo our chemical assessment process to ensure that better chemistry is substituted into the supply chain. Achieving desired performance while scaling PFC-free innovations requires teamwork. We’ve put together a working group with representation from several disciplines that includes materials experts, quality teams, chemical suppliers, supplier facilities and print specialists so we can remove PFCs throughout our product line and supply chain.