Our Approach to Sustainable Products

We’re proud to have been a pioneer in sustainability for nearly 30 years. We continue to create important tools, processes and metrics to hold ourselves accountable as we shift towards a fully sustainable product selection. We’re encouraging collaboration across our industry by sharing tools and developing new ideas to foster an industry-wide change.

Our Approach
Sustainability is Everything

Sustainability at Nike is more than a single-product principle. It’s an ethos we are embedding and scaling across our company and infusing into every brand, every category and every product from start to finish. In doing so, we are creating a culture of sustainability across the company.

Tools to Measure and Make

We use measurement tools to help make a more sustainable product and to keep us accountable. For instance, we evaluate the environmental sustainability of our products through our Material Sustainability Index, Apparel Sustainability Index and Footwear Sustainability Index. These help us formulate the environmental profile of each product and make better choices in materials selection, product planning, design and development.

Innovation for Good

At Nike, we embrace sustainable innovation to push the limits of our business and our potential in unprecedented ways. We’re developing a new generation of products that achieve maximum athletic performance with minimal environmental impact.

Creating Processes for a Sustainable Future

At Nike, we have embedded sustainability leads in key areas that influence business process and decisions. Embedding sustainability into business functions is a key enabler to enhance, inform and improve decisions that can positively impact sustainability.