Sustainable Product and Materials

For nearly 30 years, we’ve been pioneers in sustainability. From creating important tools to developing new processes and metrics, we continue to hold ourselves accountable as we eliminate waste from our products. We’re pursuing unprecedented levels of innovation and collaboration by developing tools and new ideas that encourage an industry-wide change.

Our Approach
Sustainability as an Ethos

Sustainability at Nike is more than a single-product principle. It’s an ethos we want to embed and scale across our company and infusing into every brand, every category, and every product from start to finish. We are creating a culture of sustainability.

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Tools to Measure and Make

Measurement tools help keep us accountable. To evaluate the environmental sustainability of our products, we use our Material Sustainability Index, Apparel Sustainability Index, and Footwear Sustainability Index. Then, our designers and product developers see each of their designs scored on environmental impact and supplier practices. They use these scores to make better choices in materials selection, product planning, design, and development.

Working with the Best Suppliers

We only work with the best suppliers to help us source materials responsibly and sustainably. This means working side by side with suppliers in pursuit of transparency and sustainability practices. It also means amending or ending supplier relationships that don’t meet our standards.

Materials Made Sustainably

We’re pushing the limits of our business and obsessing over what goes into our products. We use the most sustainable version of the best possible materials. We also look at how the material is grown, harvested, and processed. This means working hard to:

  • Source raw materials we’re proud of
  • Use materials made with only the natural resources required and no more
  • Use materials that are sourced responsibly and sustainably


To reduce our impact, we also prioritize more sustainable options under each of our three material categories:

  • Grown
  • Derived
  • Raised


Our ultimate goal is to develop a new generation of products that achieve maximum athletic performance with minimal environmental impact.

Creating Processes for a Sustainable Future

Embedding sustainability into business functions is key to improving business process and decisions. That’s why we implemented sustainability leads in key areas including:

  • Material manufacturing
  • Dyeing processes
  • Finishing
Leading the Way, Together

We have taken a leadership role in the development of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s Higg 3.0 Facility Environment Module as well as the development and proliferation of the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Foundation’s Wastewater Guidelines. We’ve also continued the evolution of the Leather Working Group for better tanning practices. Through these efforts, we aim to drive systemic change within water efficiency and wastewater treatment across our industry.