Engaging Contract Factory Workers

We believe that a skilled, valued and engaged workforce is key for growth and sustainability. We know that when people are valued, issues of compensation, overtime, workplace conditions and worker engagement will fundamentally shift.


As manufacturing processes become more sophisticated through modernization and innovation, the role of the factory worker is changing. We will only work with suppliers who transform their business by investing in people and promoting cooperation to support a more sustainable manufacturing model.


To this end, we bring pragmatic, evidence-based and measurable practices to our suppliers to increase engagement.


We believe an engaged workforce is one where people are valued and want to positively contribute. In addition, the work environment must be physically and emotionally safe, with management actively striving to create that safe environment.

Engagement and Wellbeing Survey

We developed the Engagement and Wellbeing Survey (EWB) to measure engagement based on the experiences of individuals working in factories. The EWB survey highlights areas where employees already feel supported and engaged and help identify opportunities for factory management to improve employee engagement.


The survey was extensively piloted and tested, in collaboration with suppliers and other organizations, to ensure the results were statistically relevant, actionable and successfully painted a comprehensive picture of the current status of engagement in a facility. As of end of FY19 the survey has been scaled to factories employing over 270k employees.

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Building Engagement Capabilities

Measuring engagement is just the start. We support our suppliers in building capabilities that will increase engagement. By focusing on increasing worker-management communications; investing in strategic human resources management and lean management frameworks; elevating a Culture of Safety; and employing a valued-worker centric view to program implementation, worker engagement will increase and businesses will thrive.


In addition, we see value in collaborating with other like-minded companies to create and distribute tools and programs that build worker engagement and wellbeing.